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Soil Testing is ineludible, since it determines the suitability for the construction and for the accurate assessment of soil’s fertility. Sometimes, the reinvestigation is also carried out to check the quality compliance.


Aggregate quality is based on gradation, fines content & Plasticity. Aggregate testing will help to identify the good quality aggregates to improve construction and reduce maintenance.


Concrete, the prime material in the construction is tested to detect the strength so that it will not degrade in its long-term performance.


Asphalt testing is done to confirm the reliability of the mix design as per the required specification.


Jacob Laboratories Chemistry Laboratory offers Chemical Analysis of a wide range of Materials in Construction Industry , namely Aggregates , Admixtures, Cement, Concrete, Soil, Steel etc., Agricultural Soil, Drinking Water , Ground Water ,Sea Water, Waste water, Sediments , Sludge etc. in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials ( ASTM ) , British Standards ( BS ) and other National and International Standards . Our state of the art Analytical Laboratory together with our Professional Analytical Chemists and sophisticated instruments ensures prompt and reliable Testing Services. Our Chemistry Laboratory is accredited by ENAS for various tests.


Jacob Laboratories, an accredited, full service analytical laboratory, specializes in microbiological analysis for the food, beverage and environmental industries. Food safety is an integral part of the production of all foods and the shared responsibility of all segments of the supply chain. In recent times there has been increased awareness for the need to evaluate the food safety practices in the production of agricultural products.


Geotechnical investigation (Surface and Subsurface explorations) services to architects, developers, consultants and contractors. These investigations are performed to guide the consultants and the designers in designing the suitable type of the foundations or to provide general information regarding the subsurface conditions. Subsurface exploration usually involves drilling of boreholes up to the required depth and collecting samples for further laboratory tests. Geotechnical division also provides, site supervision and field testing services during soil investigation and foundation construction.


Geophysical investigations are used to estimate the physical properties of the subsurface by measuring, analyzing, and interpreting seismic, electrical, electromagnetic, gravitational, and magnetic fields measured at the ground surface or within boreholes. Geophysical exploration supports the soil investigation and analysis integrity which increases the safety of the construction industry due to the hidden underground geological, hydrological or unknown factors that might contribute and form a risk factor to the proposed structures on different scales.


Air is essential to life. Poor air quality threatens the health of all living things from humans to plants. There are many types of air pollution, and each have a different effect on human health.

  • Effective Air Quality Monitoring reduces health risks .
  • Emissions from various sources need to be monitored to ensure compliance with regulatory limits.

Jacob Laboratories Environmental Monitoring Laboratory offers following Services :

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
  • Stack Emission Monitoring
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Illumination

Jacob Laboratories – Middle East provides high quality calibration services for measuring instruments in the field of temperature, volume, dimension and mass.

Calibration Scope includes:

  • Linear and angular measurements
  • Measurement of force, weight and pressure
  • Measurement of volume, mass, density, viscosity
  • Thermodynamics and temperature measurements
Specialized Testing

Jacob Laboratories provides various specialized and unique testing and Research & Development services for construction and industrial sector in the region.

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