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Construction & Industrial Material

The Material department offers Physical, Mechanical and Chemical analysis of wide range of materials used by the construction and its allied industry. The tests are carried out as per the International Standards and specifications as defined in BS, ASTM, BS EN, AASHTO, CIRIA, DIN, ISO, API, ASME, AS/NZS etc. The core services offered by the Material Division includes testing of a broad range of materials. .

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Paving Block

Compressive Strength, Dimension, Water Absorption, Density, Flexural Strength Abrasion Resistance (Sand Blasting & Wide Wheel), Durability (Salt Resistance Test), Solar Reflectance Index

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Compressive Strength, Dimension, Water Absorption, Transverse Strength, Slip or Skid Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Ramp Walk Slip Resistance

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Masonry & AAC Blocks

Compressive Strength, Dimension, Moisture Content, Water Absorption, Density, Bending Strength, Compressive Strength of Masonry Prism, Linear Shrinkage, Electrical Resistance, Thermal Transmission Properties(K,R & U value), Acoustic Properties (STC), Fire Properties

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Fresh Concrete

Concrete Mix design, Slump, Temperature, Air Content, Bleeding, Density, Setting Time, Cement Content, Water Content, Temperature monitoring in large concrete foundations.

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Hardened Concrete

Compressive Strength of Cubes, Cylinder, Core, Tensile Splitting Strength, Flexural Strength, Chloride ion, Sulphate ion, Water Absorption, Water Permeability, Linear thermal expansion, Porosity, Rapid Chloride Permeability, Chloride Migration Coefficient, Chloride Diffusion Coefficient, Crack Mouth Open Displacement(CMOD), Modulus of Elasticity, Abrasion Resistance, Hardness, Moisture Content, RH monitoring, BRE Impact, Drying Shrinkage

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PSD, AIV, ACV, TFV, WA, LAA, Specific gravity, Flakiness, Elongation Particle Shape, Sand Equivalent, Soundness, Micro Deval, Drying Shrinkage, Polished Stone Value, Slake Durability, Mohs Hardness, Chloride Content, Sulphate Content, Bond Work Index, Acid Soluble Material, Potential Alkaline reactivity ( Mortar Bar Method, Chemical Method, Rock Cylinder Method) etc

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Fineness, Consistency, Initial Setting Time, Final Setting Time, Soundness, Autoclave Expansion, Compressive Strength, Flexural Strength, Accelerated pozzolanic strength- activity index, Bulk density, Heat of Hydration and Chemical Analysis

chemical analysis jacob lab

Soil, Sand, Silts, Clay

PSD, MDD/OMC, CBR, L.L,P.L and P.I., FDT, Linear Shrinkage, Constant Head permeability, Falling Head Permeability, Thermal Resistivity, Electrical Resistance, Sedimentation, Maximum and minimum density- by vibrating table, Hydrometer, Shear Box, DCPT, Complete Chemical Composition, Organic and Inorganic pollutants analysis

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